A letter from Rosemary Goldie at the Permanent Committee for International Lay Apostolate Congresses to International YCW president, Rienzie Rupasinghe

Rosemary Goldie, Pax Romana Remembered (Pax Romana ICMICA)

Rosemary Goldie, Laity in the Ecumenical Movement (Gregorianum 1987, Vol. 68, No. 1/2 (1987), pp. 307-337)

Rosemary Goldie, L’Avant-Concile de Christifideles Laici (1945-59) (Revue d’histoire ecclesiastique, Vol. LXXXVIII (1993) N° 1)


Joseph Cardijn – Rosemary Goldie 09 06 1959 (Joseph Cardijn Digital Library)

Rosemary Goldie – Joseph Cardijn 18/06/1959 (Joseph Cardijn Digital Library)

Letter to Cardijn with news of Rosemary Goldie’s 1954 to study and promote the development of the lay apostolate in Asia

Information about a 1959 meeting to discuss the theology of the lay apostolate prior to Vatican II
Paper by Rosemary Goldie asking whether lay people are adequately formed for their apostolate
Letter of appreciation from Cardijn to Rosemary Goldie for her work on preparing the volume on “Forming Apostles” from the Second World Congress on Lay Apostolate in 1957.