1965: The necessity of the lay apostolate

This is a short note written by Cardijn prior to the Fourth Session of Vatican II.

1. The necessity and importance of the Lay Apostolate is not instilled in the faithful.

2. The main reason seems to me to be that priests and men and women religious are not convinced of its importance and necessity;

3. This is because its importance is not emphasised in seminaries and novitiates and in pastoral sessions;

4. It is also because they do not learn the practical methods of forming lay people for their apostolate: review of life, dialogue, inquiries, contacts, reports, visits, adapted responsibilities, etc. founded on a conception of spiritual, apostolic and missionary life, lived in union with Christ and His Church, and this, in all life, all walks of life and all aspects of life.

Would it not be opportune to insist STRONGLY on these questions, either at the opening or closing of the Fourth Session, or during the discussion of the Schema on the Lay Apostolate or the Schema on the Clergy?

June 1965


Archives Cardijn 1577/18

Translator: Stefan Gigacz 2021

Joseph Cardijn, The lay apostolate (Joseph Cardijn Digital Library)